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Sexwitch - "Helelyos"

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Singer-songwriter Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes), producer Dan Carey, and British psych-rock band TOY have united as Sexwitch. A self-titled debut album of cover songs (mostly culled from 60's & 70's Iran, Morocco, and Thailand) is due out September 25 via The Echo Label. Hear the band's take on Zia Atabay's "Helelyos" above and the original down here:

Watch These Psykers Rehearsals

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With loads of strange MIDI sound effects, synths, and a live drum kit, the recently formed Psykers are on their way to producing a twisted, enthralling, and electronic monster of some sort. The handful of video rehearsals they've pulled together so far on YouTube are pretty impressive. They've even put in the effort to grab a few dancers to perform along with their noisy, textured, and groove-laden jams.

The beginning to these videos is the song "Battleship," and it's a for an awesomely foreign flavor to it. However, the third and untitled rehearsal video, I think, will grab the attention of either Death Grips or dubstep fans--maybe both. Lightning bolt? Enjoy!