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Yo La Tengo - "Ohm"

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Yo La Tengo drops an interesting, animated video for the song "Ohm," which features a colorful, psychedelic land that we'll refer to as "Yo La Tengo land." Not much of what goes on here makes sense, but it all seems to answer the following question: What is Yo La Tengo? One protagonist seems to be exploring this strange place while another is working on some kind of nutty equation that lists different bands, which I'm assuming all add up to Yo La Tengo--or something like that, I dunno. I fail to see how Mumford and Sons and Jack Black work into the equation, though.

Check a review for the band's new record, Fade, below:

Yo La Tengo- "Before We Run"

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Attached to a set of visuals by Emily Hubley, here's the latest track from Yo La Tengo. It's set to be released on the famed New Jersey band's next album, Fade, and it's sounding quite beautiful and ambitious horns and strings. Still, despite the step up in instrumentation, Yo La Tengo still manages to come off quiet, subtle, and delicate.

Look for this album on Janurary 14th via Matador.

Yuck- Self-Titled


Yuck's latest album is a fun embrace of the sound on classic albums from Dinosaur Jr., Yo La Tengo, Elliott Smith, and many more artists and bands considered "90s." While this album is an alright place to visit, it's hard to exactly describe where you are. That's because Yuck doesn't have anything going for them that you could draw specifically to them.

Though I'm not against "borrowing," or showing off your influences, I can't say this album is enticing me. It's just kind of making me want to listen to the classics is all.