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Until the Ribbon Breaks - "Revolution Indifference" ft. Run the Jewels

VideostheneedledropComment British alternative R&B trio Until the Ribbon Breaks (notably featured on the first Run the Jewels album) is preparing to drop their debut album A Lesson Unlearnt in January. Above you can watch the mannequin-filled video of the outfit's new single "Revolution Indifference," which marks another collaboration with Mike and El. The two share an expectantly strong verse, so absolutely do check out this track and video if you're still on a kick after RTJ2 - you ought to be, given how awesome that album is. Here's hoping Until the Ribbon Breaks has a win of their own with their debut!

A Lesson Unlearnt is due out January 20.


Flying Lotus - "Ready Err Not" [NSFW]

VideostheneedledropComment First off, be sure to heed that NSFW label up there: this will almost certainly be the most disturbing music video you'll see all year.

For You're Dead! cut "Ready Err Not," Flying Lotus enlisted the talents of Salad Fingers creator David Firth to lend the track a freakish and downright perverted set of visuals. Even if you're familiar with Firth's surreally horrific style, you may find the content of the video shocking, as he arguably takes things to a new, gruesome level. But it's ultimately a match made in heaven, Firth's vision matching the grisly promotional art of master body horror depicter Shintaro Kago. I'm of the opinion these sorts of images better suit the album than Hiro Murai's comparatively tame approach to "Never Catch Me" earlier last month, but certainly both takes are mostly effective, albeit in very different ways. Watch Firth's above and revel in the messed-upness!

You're Dead! is out now via Warp and it's a glorious free-jazz nightmare! Review below:

FKA Twigs - "Video Girl"

Videostheneedledrop1 Comment

FKA Twigs drops some black & white visuals for the track "Video Girl," which is one of many cuts off her stellar debut album LP1. Kudos to Kahlil Joseph on directing this thing, because it's as gorgeous as it is unsettling. We're essentially given images of what looks like an execution about to take place, and Twigs' absolutely strange dance moves bring a certain surrealism to the situation. Am I to guess she is the victim of this death row inmate, and this is her ghost observing his final moments? Maybe! I think I just impressed myself for a second there. Rather than risk sounding like a completely conceded moron, I'll stop here.

Dope Body - "Repo Man"

VideostheneedledropComment As you might recall from last week, we kind of sort of loved the new Dope Body record Lifer. It will almost certainly be considered among the very best rock releases of the year. And in the running for best rock video of the year is this Theo Anthony-directed one for standout cut "Repo Man." An evocative portrait of socio-economic hardship in a presumably Marylandian town, the short is as thematically impressive as it is technically. It was a great idea to use "Intro" to set the stage and exponentially mount tension, and  the whirlwind intercutting of the noisy VHS footage, while something of a gimmick at this point, is appropriate and tastefully executed in this case.

Having delivered here a well-struck balance of kinetic, fun, and subtly moving; Theo Anthony is well-deserving of the Vimeo "Video of the Week" Award for which he's just been nominated. If you really dig the video, vote for it here.

Lifer is out now via Drag City.

Julia Holter - Boiler Room Session


Experimental artpopper Julia Holter released one of the 2013's finest records in Loud City Song. And now she has done a gorgeously recorded Boiler Room performance of beautiful renditions of her work. It's certainly worth checking out if you have been a fan of Holter's and are interested in seeing how her esoteric pop translates to a live setting.

Iceage - "The Lord's Favorite"


Denmark's Iceage have proven themselves to be savvy in numerous fringe genres across their two full-length records: post-punk, goth rock, noise rock. However, this new--and surprisingly melodic--track of their delves unexpectedly into alt-country, it seems. Everything from the guitar chords to the bassline feels distinctly Western, but Iceage performs it in their trademark sloppiness. Like usual, a good song shines through despite the slurring vocals and loosely played instrumentation. Enjoy!