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In a recent series of articles released by a variety of publications, Spotify was accused of burying search results of artists who made exclusivity deals with streaming platforms such as Apple Music. Spotify responded saying they're doing no such thing, but came out saying streaming platforms doing exclusives were bad for artists, fans, and the industry. This is my take.

I like the Bandcamp platform.


As as part of my ongoing videos talking about streaming services and contemporary music consumption, I thought I'd talk about a platform that isn't discussed alongside the Spotifys and Tidals of the world: Bandcamp.

Bandcamp and democratized content platforms like it, I think, are an essential part of the online music market in that that allow an open exchange of artistic ideas between musicians and fans.

Is Tidal the Future of Music Streaming?


Is Jay-Z's new music streaming service, Tidal, the future of music consumption? Do you see yourself subscribing to this service? Are the advantages great enough? Is CD-quality audio, editorial content, and potential exclusives enough to get you off Spotify and onto this service instead?