The Needle Drop

Ep. 52: Pyrocynical & NFKRZ


On this episode of the podcast, I give Pyrocynical a platform to defend himself. 

Nah, just kidding! However, I do converse with him and NFKRZ, who are two content creators in the growing community of "commentary" channels on YouTube. We talk drama, Leafy clones, Keemstar, YouTube, memes, and more.

Ep. 50: Anthony Fantano


On this episode of the podcast, a friend of the show, Zach Hart, interviews Anthony Fantano. Together, they try to find out where exactly Anthony's life went wrong, driving him to create YouTube music reviews for a living.

Ep. 47: LtCorbis

theneedledrop1 Comment

On this episode of The Needle Drop Podcast, we're talking with the Internet's youngest savage, LtCorbis. She's the commentary community's newest up-and-comer, and we talk about the Internet hate, YouTube, and even some of her favorite rappers.