The Needle Drop


Unfortunately, The Needle Drop doesn’t run on good intentions or fairy dust. 

Sometimes, we count on generous donations from loyal followers to make some of our budget constraints less intense. No donation is too small.


ALSO, you can support us simply by shopping on Amazon using the link below. We'll get a kickback from any and all orders with no extra effort or cost to you!


Podcast & Classic Review Subscriptions

We'd like you to get some sort of direct return on your donations, too. So if you give at the $2 or $5 levels each month, you'll be emailed weekly downloads of our podcast, or an early access classic review package. Links to the subscriptions below, and the content will be sent to the e-mail address attached to the PayPal account you use to make the donation.


OH, WAIT, HOLD THE PHONE! You don't have to just donate. You can actually pick up a limited-edition TND t-shirt. We’ll be selling this new logo design for the next few months, so pick it up before we discontinue it and release another design. This anime-inspired design was created by Mr. Marcelo Ardon, and features a small print of my face in the armpit—because I know you’re interested in that kind of thing.

The design is printed on a cotton Gildan t-shirt. It’s a beautiful shade of blue, and $18.50 + S&H. It comes in sizes for men and ladies. Some of the sizes are small and some of them are big. Here’s a pic of the shirt: