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Twin Sister- "All Around and Away We Go" | STREAM

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This past week, I've heard a lotta pop from a lotta places. I don't even remember half the bands or half the blogs, but this particular group stayed latched to the back of my mind for a lot of reasons.

On "Twin Sister," the NY outfit Twin Sister creates an atmosphere laced with elements of synth pop and post-disco. It's a cool, calm track, but grooves like hell. Of course, the most distinct element of this band are the vocals, which have a really odd cadence to them that somehow works. Give a listen, and grab Twin Sister's new LP Color Your Life via their Bandcamp:

What do you think of this track: impressed or not to impressed? Did the vocals weird you out? This track was a little noisy toward the end, eh? Did images of the Bee Gees play in your head when you heard this?