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Telethon- "Yeah Right You Wish" ‡ STREAM

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One thing's for sure: In today's musical landscape, it's an exciting time to be self-recording. The craze of lo-fi in 2008 was one thing, but it seems homemade music is gaining more and more support across the blogosphere these days.

So let me kindly introduce you to the Orlando outfit Telethon. They've got an enjoyably rough sound, and a raging crush on the music of R. Stevie Moore: an underrated bedroom rock guru whose been getting more and more press due to the recent popularity of Ariel Pink.

Teleton has a new 7'' on the way titled People Eat Humans Or Humans, The Human Animal. This track is on it, and so is the track below. "Yeah Right You Wish" is fueled with abrasive guitars and eccentric vocals. The lyrics, which seem literal, are turning someone down for an offer to go to the dance, and they're not that nice about it either. It's the kind of rock 'n' roll snobbery that makes rooting for the bad guy fun. Look for a physical copy of this single in August, and download Telethon's latest EP, Gypped, in the meantime. The track:

Stream: Telethon- Yeah Right You Wish

What did you think of this song? Too loud? Not loud enough? What would you do if you were turned down for the dance? -