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Nouveaunoise- "Goni" ‡ STREAM

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This Irish group mashes the delicate plucks of acoustic instrumentation with infectious breakbeat grooves. The gentle melodies and arrangements are an immense, but interesting, contrast from the rigid and electronic blueprint the songs religiously follow.

"Goni" is loaded with sputtering drums, but sports a serene set of female backup vocals. The opening ditty is a serious attention-grabber, too. This track is the a-side from Nouveaunoise's free, two-track EP, which has been released in support of the band's new album, Paraphrase Accolade. If the electroacoustic music melds of artists like Four Tet, Pantha du Prince, and Tunng have pleased your ears before, give this band some ear time.

Download this track on Nouveaunoise's bandcamp, and buy their new album over there, too.

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