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Doug Paisley- "What I Saw" ‡ STREAM


In the midst of all this new technology, music, and studio trickery, it's hard keeping touch with the basic and simple magic of songwriting. Of course, there are guys like the Mountain Goats and the Tallest Man on Earth holding it down for us, and let's one more to the pile: Doug Paisley. His approach may be simple, but it's earnest and down-to-earth like blue-collar worker with a heart of gold.

On "What I Saw," the light bass, drums, and organ quietly complement Doug's kind vocals and small, finger-picked flourishes of acoustic guitar. If the backup vocals are familiar, well, it's because it's Feist. The song is from Doug's upcoming LP, Constant Companion, which is due 10/12 via No Quarter Recs. Stream a track below and let me know what you think.

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