The Needle Drop

Music For Your Plants- "Enchanted Sister" ‡ STREAM


So this track came with a nondescript e-mail saying this self-titled Music For Your Plants EP would come out "sometime this month." Where it will be and how it will get there, I'm not sure.

If the track below is any clue to the location of this music, you'd most likely find it on a surfboard in the middle of an ocean made of LSD. On "Enchanted Sister," the mix is loaded with animal noises, schmaltzy percussion, and atmospheric melodies. It feels very tropical, but there's something a little eerie about it, too. There are too many weird moments to casually listen along as if everything were completely normal--even if this track might fit in nicely at an island resort.

Scope some more tracks from this release on this soundcloud page, and stream "Enchanted Sister" below:

What did you think of this track? Did it rule? Was it too lo-fi? Was it too disjointed? Too awesome?