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Útidúr- "Fisherman's Friend" ‡ STREAM


Check out this track from Iceland's Útidúr. They've got a romantic and whimsical aura Beirut fans will love, and I could see them going over well with followers of the band Seabear, too.

On "Fisherman's Friend," the music blossoms with some gentle, strummed acoustics and a horn signaling out to anyone willing to listen. The lyrics didn't floor me, but the building instrumentation was too impressive to get hung up on much of anything, really. Accordion, strings, piano, and there might be a glockenspiel in there somewhere. Just expect to hear just about every instrument the band could get their hands on in here. It's all arranged very nicely, though.

Stream the track below, and hear the two more tracks from Útidúr's This Mess We've Made on their bandcamp. Forever: