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WALSH- "07 Luxury" ft. Squadda Bambino ‡ STREAM


There are a lot of "ohyeahbestof2010" lists popping up around the blog-o-sphere now, and I'm stumbling upon a couple gems that haven't come across my path this past year.

The most standout of them all has been and EP from WALSH, Smoke Weed About It. As Flavorwire describes it, this release is a combination of 2010's best trends: reverbed vocals, dreamy synths, smudgy beats, new wave influences.

The most interesting of all the tracks is "07 Luxury," which features rapper and singer Squadda Bambino. It's a psychedelic brand of lo-fi hip hop that shows a lot of promise. Future trend, perhaps? Stream the song below and download WALSH's ep via Dracula Horse.

Stream: WALSH- 07 Luxury ft. Squadda Bambino -