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Chris Schlarb- "I Can Live Forever If I Slowly Die" ‡ STREAM

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Chris Schlarb is a musician, composer and producer based in Long Beach, California. His 4-track, 33-minute release, Psychic Temple, has an impressive guest list, including Mike Watt and Juliana Barwick. Together they have composed a beautifully crafted work that brings the listener to a relaxed and peaceful place. Schlarb’s attention to detail is reflected in his folk-jazz melodies creating ambient layers as breathtaking as Monet’s "Water Lilies." Tracks like “Dream State > Police State” effortlessly create a brushstroke of pure genius. Honestly, an album as art is rare today, and Psychic Temple is giving us a reason to celebrate.

The vinyl print is only limited to 500 copies on 180-gram. You can grab it for fourteen bones on Chris' bandcamp, or get the digital version for eight. Stream a track from the LP below:

Stream: Chris Schlarb- I Can Live Forever If I Slowly Die -