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Das Racist- "Swate" ft. Lakutis ‡ MP3

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Critical favorites Das Racist are almost as prolific as the syllables that spill out to form their tongue-in-cheek raps. Exhibit A: “Swate,” their latest joint, featuring guest rapper Lakutis. This is a fun slice of trip-hoppy exotica, complete with Bollywoodish samples on the chorus and in-the-club beats anchoring the verses, courtesy of producer Mike Finito. Kool A.D. and Heems’ lyrical style continues the trajectory of their breakthrough 2010 mixtapes. The duo flow with such laid-back ease, you almost lose track of the mile-a-minute lyrics that mix up random callouts with pop- and high-culture references. The beat, however, never lets up, and the hook keeps bringing you back home.

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