The Needle Drop

Action Bronson- "Barry Horowitz"


A while back on this blog, I talked up NYC rapper Meyhem Lauren. He's got a great double album out titled Self Induced Illness.

Meyhem has a partner in crime who's got a discography of his own, though: Action Bronson. His latest LP is titled Dr. Lecter, and it's out now on iTunes. Of course, "Barry Horowitz" is on it. This track and this track are on it, too.

If you're into 90s rap, the sound Bronson indulges in will feel like a throwback to the days of Wu-Tang. And there are a lot of critics who call Bronson out sounding like Ghostface Killah. But a similar voice is hardly something getting bugged out over, for me. If you look at Bronson's lyrics, he's a very different MC.

The only thing that's leaving me confused is that pimp cane!