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Boris- "Riot Sugar"

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Boris' first single from Heavy Rocks is a hefty take on the bluesy sounds metal used to have during its salad days in the 1970s. It recalls the work the band did on the original Heavy Rocks, too, which came out in 2002. It's 9 years later and Boris is getting ready to release an album of the same exact title. But before you freak out, remember it's pretty much the same thing Weezer has done via numerous self-titled albums. So there!

Well, if "Riot Sugar"--with its heavy riffs, wailing solos, and seductively clean vocals--is anything like the rest of Heavy Rock's tracks, then we'll be in for a great album. But I still have to say that this song isn't exactly "heavier" than many of the tracks on the original Heavy Rocks.

If you're looking for something heavier, it's not here. But Boris is still really true to the sound.