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Jesu- "Birthday"

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Stream: Jesu- Birthday Justin K. Broadrick's Jesu is gearing up for another album. May 10th will see the release of Ascension, which features the track "Birthday." The guitar chords here are as rough as ever, and get a nice backup from some sparkling synths, too. Justin's voice comes of pretty robotic as well.

This LP will see Broadrick going back to what I assume his fans like seeing him do most: Pump out drone-y, uplifting doom jams that rumble the hi-fi.

Unfortunately, the 49-minute track and album Infinity didn't get a very warm reception when it dropped in '09. But that's what I appreciate about Justin's work. He's always going in the direction he wishes to. After all, Opiate Sun dropped that same year, and I enjoyed that EP a lot.