The Needle Drop

John Maus- "Believer"


John Maus is a singer-songwriter and the latest signee to Ribbon Music. He's laid down two tracks from his forthcoming album, We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves. One is above and one is right here.

In regards to "Believer," I'm believing, I'm believing! This track sounds like a chilly morning in the middle of fall. I know we're gonna be rolling up on summer soon, but it just feels good. Kinda want to put on a coat.

Like Washed Out or Ariel Pink, there's a serious sense of nostalgia in Maus' music, However, it doesn't overshadow the all-important aspect of songwriting. The hook here is fantastically catchy--even if it does come out kind of mangled due to the production. It all sounds kind of heavenly, though. This must be what people heard at the pearly gates in 1985, right?