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Oblivionized- "Born into Decadence"

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Last night, I got a pretty solid metal suggestion from the one, the only JGCSound--so I'd like to pass along the favor.

He talked up a UK death metal band with an extremely technical sound. But what attracted me the most about his description was that this band, despite being very great at their instruments, comes together as a cohesive unit; avoiding the sound of four or five guys wanking off on their instruments for four or five minutes at a time.

It's true, Oblivionized's drum fills and dizzying guitar riffs are filled with a nearly endless amount of detail. I could listen to a track and pull more out of it with each listen; however, the way the music is structured makes it easy to follow. There's nothing difficult about understanding what Oblivionized is going for, and that's what I love.

Dig on the track "Born into Decadence" for yourself above, and here's a picture of their latest album's cover art: