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Are you ready to embark on a trip to Africa? Well, Africa Hitech really, that is, which is the Australian-based collaboration between Mark Pritchard and vocalist Steve Spacek. This electronic duo’s debut album release, 93 Million Miles, is a tapestry of pixelated colors and textures, combining influences from 30 years of electronic music into a techno-tribal collage. Beat-lovers and sound-mongers will groove on the bit-wise bleeps and bloops, but there are organic sounds and soulful vocals as well. This may be the best merging of digital and tribal sounds since Eno and Byrne’s My Life In The Bush of Ghosts.

"Don’t Fight It"--the last track on the album--ends this groovy journey with blissful ease. So, please don’t fight it, dig on 39 Million Miles in its entirety here: