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The Bewitched Hands- "Work"

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Fans of beyond-bent rock, heads up! The Bewitched Hands--also known as the Bewitched hands on the Top of Our Heads--aren't just all about peace and love, despite a pretty catchy sound.

The French band's track "Work," this cut from their new EP of the same name, and keep an ear out for the lyrical and sonic nuances that shift this surreal anthem up to a twisted confessional level. The lyrics suggest a severely disturbed mind, but it’s filtered through a sound that’s celebratory.

Is the singer just freaked out, or is he getting his kicks from freaking you out, too? Fortunately, this jubilant nugget leaves me with a smile on my face at the end of the ride every time I spin it.

Here's a medium-sized picture of the EP cover: