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This Will Destroy You- Tunnel Blanket

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This Will Destroy You's latest LP starts and finishes with flying colors, but it gets a little underwhelming in the middle for me. Hearing the band revisit old sounds, work with an odd drum mix, and working with similar structures throughout this album make me rethink my original love for some of the tracks here. In terms of structure, I'm really not wowed by this album. Where I am incredibly impressed is with the textures here! The sounds are fantastic, and some of the best I've heard this year. They're kind of a saving grace for this album. The guitars sound amazing, and the swells here are so subtle. Sure, this could be labeled as "post-rock" at some points, but This Will Destroy You are working with tools that just seem out of this world as several points on this album.

I'm kinda warm toward it, I suppose. I can't see myself returning to this anytime soon, though.