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Bad Bad Not Good Does Goblin

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OK, I have the feeling that a lot of y'all are gonna love this. Now, you know I wasn't a huge fan of Tyler, The Creator's latest album, Goblin, right?

I'm still a huge fan of this video, though. And if you liked Goblin, you'll probably love this even more.

It comes from the young Canadian jazz trio Bad Bad Not Good--which might be styled as BADBADNOTGOOD. They've recently uploaded some jazz-hip hop hybids of instrumentals from Goblin and the Odd Future catalog. They jam on an instrumental from A Tribe Called Quest.

I've YouTube messaged the band, asking if there was any original material on the way, and I was given an assuring "yes." The holdup has to do with their bassist being out of town at the moment, though. As soon as BBNG reunites, new stuff should be on the way.