The Needle Drop

Snake Oil- Self-Titled

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Snake Oil's debut LP is a pretty nice piece of instrumental psych rock. The recording of this this is really great, too. It separates the instrumentation perfectly, and swells very nicely when everything layers on top of one another. The melodies are decent, and the grooves are nice, but some of these tracks come off a little flat in the interplay department. At times, it can feel like the drums and everything else are in two completely different worlds. While the skins do their best to throw in fills and build up to certain moments, the guitars and keys tend to carry on like they're the only thing that matters in the mix, which only leads to them missing out on possible moments of syncopation.

There are a couple tracks that strike me as filler, but Snake Oil still pulled together a solid direction on their self-titled debut, and they're off to a great start with these 9 tracks.