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Try Two Gridlink Tracks

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GRIDLINK - Orphan by Hydra Head Records GRIDLINK - 3 Miles Below Sea Level by Hydra Head Records

It's not often that I'm in a grindcore mood, so why not show off a band that took their sweet time growing on me: Gridlink.

I've been conscious of the band's latest LP, Orphan, for a few months now. It's twelve tracks that collectively span, yep, twelve freaking minutes. The tracks I've been sampling display a lot of intensity, a lot of speed, and a lot of technical ability, too--you know, like grindcore should. I love how quickly these guys jerk from one idea to the next, too. And they do it so seamlessly!

If you're digging on these tracks, find Orphan on Hydra Head Records. Also, if you dug this, make sure to check out another grind band I loved earlier this year, Wormrot.