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Valentin Stip- Anytime Will Do EP

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Valentin Stip's debut EP, which is out now via World and Sound, is a small look into the head of this French-born electronic music producer. Many of the sounds and timbres here sound very tangible and acoustic, but the emotions are cold and nearly lifeless--I mean that in the best way possible, of course. The moods on Anytime Will Do are as relaxing as they are dark; much like an introspective, tell-all session with a therapist might be.

I would liken the music here to that on Space Is Only Noise, the latest album from Nicolas Jaar, but maybe that's too obvious of a comparison. Not only do Nico and Val share similar ears for samples, but this new EP is actually on a new label Nico started.

I loved Space Is Only Noise, so if this label is going to be catering artists with a similar flair, I'm not complaining. Here's some cover art for ya: