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MellowHype- BlackenedWhite

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Though Blackenedwhite isn't perfect, it's definitely a likeable release from this OFWGKTA-affiliated duo. With Hodgy Beats on the mic and Left Brain building the beats, the tracks here offer up a series of fantasy raps about girls, weed, and guns. This is by no means an mind-blower of an album, but that's definitely made up for in simplicity and accessibility.

The beats here are a slight cut above what usually makes it onto an Odd Future-related album, and Hodgy Beats' mic skills are good, too.

Still, don't come in here expecting a mature personality ready to spit something highbrow. This album is much more primal. And part of what makes it a more refreshing release than Goblin is that it's not weighted down in internet drama and blog post bullshit.

There are some undeniably good hip hop tracks on here. but do yourself a favor and try not to take this album too seriously. I highly doubt Hodgy Beats and Mike G play corners, and I don't think anybody in the Odd Future crew is a cop killer. As immature as this album can be, it's all for fun. Don't you remember being younger and wanting to say whatever you wanted? That's what attracted me to Bastard so much. This album walks along those lines, too, but with noticeably less consistency.