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Siskiyou- "Twigs and Stones"

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Siskiyou is a Canadian quartet that's readying to drop a second album via Constellation Records.

The band's approach to folk and folk rock has always been an experimental one, but this album sounds like it'll be sporting a much bolder sound. On "Twigs and Stones," Colin Huebert's vocals sound much more fragile and vulnerable, reminding me a bit of Spencer Krug's voice, actually.

Some joyous horn arrangements provided by Colin Stetson subtly introduce themselves and explode with the rest of the instrumentation perfectly. His fluttering sax runs toward the end of the track--you know, as the entire band is freaking out--are a great touch as well.

Sure, it's the only track to feature horn arrangements, but I hope every song comes off equally ambitious on this forthcoming LP. Lord knows these guys do a pretty great Neil Young cover.

Look for Keep Away the Dead on October 4th.