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Surfer Blood Covers "Hey Sandy"

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Although we haven't heard much from Surfer Blood regarding plans for a new album, the Florida power pop outfit has been keeping busy since the release of its debut, Astro Coast, last year.

This past weekend, the group brought their sunny guitar leads and melodies to Denmark for the Roskilde Festival, and a few days before, they dropped this fresh new cover song for fans.

"Hey Sandy" was originally written and recorded by Polaris, a short-lived project that included members of New Haven, Connecticut's Miracle Legion, a great band who don't get nearly enough credit. The original version was also the theme song from the Nickelodeon television show "The Adventures of Pete & Pete," which aired during the mid-90s.

On the Surfer Blood take, the effervescent, lo-fi vocals and catchy percussion are highlights, while the heavily reverb'd guitar is only icing on the cake. Stream or download the track above.