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Toxic Holocaust- "Nowhere to Run"

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I heard about Toxic Holocuast's new LP, Conjure and Command, from one of my most trusted sources on all that is metal: JGC Sound.

If it wasn't an easy guess from the album cover and band name, this is a thrash metal album. And it's nice to see that the style isn't dying. The recent string of thrash revival bands have, for the most part, kept true to the sounds origins while putting their own spin on things.

Unlike other thrash groups I've reviewed, Toxic Holocaust is more about guts than flash. The music is much more driven by grooves and riffs than it is impressive solos and musicianship. It might even be easy to just call it crossover thrash, a hybrid of thrash metal and punk. The aggressive vocals and lean drumming certainly make it sound that way.

Listen to the track "Nowhere to Run" above, and look for this album on July 19th via Relapse Recs.