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Chelsea Wolfe- "Mer"

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When I first laid ears and eyes on Chelsea Wolfe's new album, I wasn't sure what to think. Her music is unreasonably dark and eerie, and the fuzzy photo editing job on the cover looks like Tyler, The Creator was brought in to do the job. Let's get even more honest: The recent string of "witch house" artists hitting the internet has made me hesitant to take anything too dark seriously.

However, Chelsea Wolfe is the real deal. I'm not saying she spends her days lighting candles and drawing pentagrams on the floor, but her music feels more authentic than it does kitschy--even in the act of recording a Strokes cover.

Wolfe's upcoming album, slated for an August 23rd release on Pendu Sound, is titled "Ἀποκάλυψις," which is Greek for "apocalypse." If that doesn't strike you as bright and cheery, try out the track above, "Mer." The song starts with a murky guitar, but eventually grows into a vocal and groove combo that reminds me of a darker take on Portishead, Kate Bush, or PJ Harvey.