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Future Islands- "Balance"

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Baltimore-based Wham City! affiliates Future Islands can be a kind of polarizing band. When I saw them live opening for Titus Andronicus and Okkervil River back in June, I was expecting something very much unlike what I heard. Listening to them in that setting, I was simultaneously put off by their combination of minimalist synth, electronic beats, and over-emphasized vocals and fascinated with it. On their new track "Balance," the group offers a more palatable side to their emotive synth pop, perhaps as a way of easing new fans into their established style. With relatively understated vocals and a beat with more complexity than the average Future Islands track, "Balance" is also one of the catchier songs in their repertoire.

"Balance" is the first single from the band's upcoming album On The Water, out October 11th on Thrill Jockey. Stream or download the track above.