The Needle Drop

Kit- "Out of Ruins" (Premiere)


Featuring members of xbxrx, SWAPS, Hawnay Troof, and the Raincoats--it's the dude currently drumming for them--Kit is a Los Angeles outfit that keeps a torch lit for the sunny, abrasive post-punk that dominated the blogosphere a few years ago when bands like No Age and Abe Vigoda were blowing up.

Kit's latest album, Invocation, is out now on Upset the Rhythm, and was actually produced by Mr. Phil "Mount Eerie" Elverum. "Out of Ruins" is the latest track to receive the video treatment from this album, and what a video it gets. It's numerous clips of a dude in a predator mask smashing guitars. Aliens must hate rock 'n' roll. Earth. Forever!