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My Morning Jacket- "Holdin On To Black Metal"

Videoschriscap1 Comment

Oddly enough, out of all the tracks on their new album Circuital, My Morning Jacket's joke-ish "Holdin On To Black Metal" is the first to get the music video treatment. The clip unrolls like some sort of strange acid trip, featuring a number of strangely smiling people in a bar lit by that same eerie green light that is featured on the album's cover. The trippy bar scene, complete with random primitive animations, is awkwardly and confusingly interspliced with footage of the band performing live on the massive stage at Bonnaroo this year. I guess it's supposed to be purposefully cheesy, in the same way that the song itself is sort of cheesy.

Of course, tons of angry metal fans have already started downrating the video into oblivion because it doesn't actually have anything to do with metal. Oh, Youtube.

Circuital is out now on ATO Records. Buy it here at the band's official site and watch the TND review here.