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Phoria- "Dolls Spinning Wide"

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Dolls Spinning Wide (Demo) by phoriamusic Recommended to me by the, uh, Recommender, is one of the many promising acts rising out of Brighton these days. The Recommender has a better working knowledge of them than I do, but this group in particular is standing out to me.

On the small group of tracks they've been able to scrap together thus far, I'm hearing plenty of influence coming from Radiohead. But things get even more interesting on the recent string of demos then band has uploaded to its SoundCloud page.

In the case of these tracks--especially "Dolls Spinning Wide"--the emotions come of very bleak and depressing, and a lot of the instrumentation crescendos as if the group has been closely observing the work of established post-rock acts like Mogwai and Sigur Ros.

Enjoying what I'm hearing so far, and I hope you are as well. Looking forward to what these guys do in the future.