The Needle Drop

Various Artists- Brand New Wayo

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This compilation features 15 cuts from a time span of several years in Nigeria's musical history. It was a time when Phonodisk, a record label looking to engineer hits, started promoting Nigerian bands playing with some sounds that were big in the West at the time: disco and funk. Some of the tracks here are produced so well, and are a perfect recreation the formula that produced so many chart-topping hits. Others have the basic elements, but are hilariously off the mark. Honesty, I don't know who told some of these people they could sing. I'm looking at you Amel Addmore.

Though there are some sideshows and missteps, a majority of the tracks on here are pretty solid. Sometimes the foreign charm even helps the track out, which is the case for tracks like "Big Race," "Boys and Girls," and "Music Alone."

It's a fun compilation. Just don't go into it expecting every track to be gold.