The Needle Drop

3:33- "C3"

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From the looks of 3:33's album artwork, you'd think this project was some sort of rising black metal band. Well, if the previous sentence didn't already make it obvious, that's not the case. Still, the music 3:33 creates is undeniably dark, mysterious, and strange.

What 3:33 creates is beats. The drums are usually pretty overblown, and have a sort of fuzzy quality to them because of it. Count on some ominous tones to be hanging in the background of whatever song 3:33 creates, and some noisy samples as well. All in all, they sort remind me of Black Moth Super Rainbow, but with much darker intentions.

3:33's album, the First Thousand Days, is downloadable on Bandcamp right here.

Another thing: These guys have another release dropping November 1st! It's an album titled Live From the Grove, which is in reference to the Bohemian Grove.

It's not a live album in the traditional sense--you know, with an audible crowd--but the Parallel Thought label does guarantee this record was created there. A trailer: