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Milo- I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here

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Art rapper Milo recently dropped this set of track titled "I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here," which is hilariously titled after the first Del the Funky Homosapien album.

I know now that Das Racist is huge, comedic and "post-modern" raps are all the rage, and Milo definitely has that. But there are lots of odd, personal observations and experiences laced into his rhymes, which makes him really relatable.

I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but here's my favorite line so far: "I went to school to become a philosopher, but dropped out to be a sober Kid Cudi imposter."

The dude's got a lotta personality, great beat choices, interesting lyrics, and a bright future, I hope. Stream I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here above and download it at Bandcamp.