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Rustie- "Ultra Thizz"

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Someone had recommended this to me saying I'd dig it since I was into that Hudson Mohawke EP that dropped earlier this year.

It's a track from Glasgow electronic music producer Rustie. His latest album is Glass Swords, and it's out now via Warp Records.

I guess the truth is, yeah, I do dig this a lot, and it is for the same reasons I dig HudMo. The music on Rustie's latest album--and especially on the track above--is bright, loud, and trashy. I guess a lot of electronic music aimed at the dancefloor is. However, what makes Rustie different for me is that there's a bit of goofiness in the sound sets he uses. Of course, I don't mean that with any disrespect. Actually, to me, it makes his music really fun to listen to.

"Ultra Thizz" has some impressive details, sure, but there's no reason to analyze this track too heavily. Instead, get up, throw your hands up, and start stomping the floor as hard as possible. That's a little more appropriate.