The Needle Drop

The Devil's Blood- "She"

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Gearing up to release its second album in January 2012, the Devil's Blood are an ultra-melodic hard rock band with strong hooks and harmonized guitar solos in every direction. In a way, these guys remind me of the band Ghost a band, and I know many of y'all are awaiting a followup to their last album.

"She" is the first track to officially drop from this album, and I was a little hesitant to dig it at first. The falsetto vocals are a little much, but I think the shoe fits at the end of the day. These guys do a great job of giving their music strong elements of darkness, melody, accessibility, and memorability.

It stinks that we're gonna have to wait 'til January to see this album come out on Metal Blade--and I should mention this LP is titled the Thousandfold Epicentre--but this track gives me a lot to think about and enjoy 'til then.