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This week on Y U NO REVIEW, Anthony talks about releases that passed him by from Trash Talk, Mr. Oizo, Lupe Fiasco, Sepalcure, and Blut Aus Nord. Here's some more he failed at life with:

1. Teebs- Collections 01 (Brainfeeder)

I wasn't into Teebs' previous release, Ardour, and I was sad to find I wasn't feeling this new collection of instrumental beats from the California producer, too. I will give him props on consistency and pulling together some more interesting and experimental sounds on this new collection, though. However, my issue with his music just not leaving that large of an impression on me still looms large. Still, if you're a beatmusic addict, it's worth trying.

2. Gem Club- Breakers (Hardly Art)

This album caught my by surprise toward the end of this year through the music video for the track 252. It's a hauntingly beautiful song, which features some really delicate vocals and an ambitiously large hook. However, I found a lot of the other tracks to be a little underwhelming, I guess.

3. Loops Haunt- Ark (Black Acre)

There's actually no excuse whatsoever for me not reviewing this EP. It's a little short of break, but loaded with creative ideas and sounds. This is the second EP to drop from this project, and I can only hope 2012 is going to bring a full-length Loops Haunt album. The opening track on this EP is layered with laser-powered synths, a myriad of effects, and some glitchy beats, too. It's like listening to a spaceship in the year 35xx short circuit--except it's, like, musical and stuff. There's some deep bass rumbles toward the end of the track, too. It's almost like an experimental dubstep tune, but doesn't resemble the genre in any obvious way. The following two tracks make more use of drones and soundscapes, but they still come off as interesting as the first track. It's a nice, little EP.

4. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats- Blood Lust (Rise Above)

On this LP, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats create a really old school combination of doom metal and psych rock. These guys definitely relive the era, but they don't exactly reinvent the style in a really exciting way for me. This album is gonna do best with doom junkies, for sure. I guess that I'm personally looking for something a bit fresher. If heavy riffs and vintage aesthetics are your thing, give it a listen.

5. Penguin Prison- Self-Titled (Downtown Records)

Nothing wrong with a straight up synth pop album, that's for sure. I think the single from the album, "Don't Fuck With My Money," outperforms many of the tracks on here, but pop fans should be aware of this album. There are some nice underground gems on here to be heard.

6. Flourishing- The Sum of All Fossils (Path Less Traveled)

Flourishing's The Sum of All Fossils was an album that intrigued me at first, but then sort of lost me in its haze of atmosphere and technical ability. Maybe it's something that'll grow on me with a few revisits. To put it simply, if you're a death metal fan who loves the psyche-challenging songwriting of bands like Ulcerate, this should do nicely. The vocals vary pretty nicely, too.