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1 Minute Miracles- "Ride My Bike XX Paperboy" (ft. Cracker & Ivorie)

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Hey, it's the first 1 Minute Miracles track that actually features guest MCs. Apparently the Canadian beat producer has worked with these two guys before. Here's the back story:

I met Cracker & Ivorie at a Rap-Battle back in ‘00. They only battled one round each and lost. Maybe they lost because their opponents spit 32-bars of fire and their 8-bar response of weird pop-culture references and nonsensical sexual innuendo didn’t cut it with the crowd? I can’t say … But for me, I immediately identified with them. I produced two albums for them under their label Jello Nipple Records (RIP), “Missy Elliot’s Personal Trainers” and “Moldy Cheese At A Crackhouse.”

A couple weeks ago, I bumped into them at the mall and they told me they wanted to record some new tracks. This is the result of our first session together in over 10 years …. EDIT: this is NSFW

Cracker and Ivorie are pretty cartoony, but I don't know what else I was expecting now that I think of their names. They don't exactly spit with impressive flows, but they make up for it to an extent with some pretty bright personalities.

Through the highs and lows of it, 1 Minute Miracles' production just feels appropriate. The hooks feels like an old school funk groove, while the dark  slapped bassline in the verses could be something from a 90s alt metal song.

It's definitely a change of pace for the 1 Minute Miracles project, but considering artists like Blow Fly have lead semi-successful careers creating profane funk tunes, it's a shift that's not too hard to swallow.