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Christian Mistress- "Black to Gold"

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"Black to Gold" is one of two tracks to drop from the forthcoming Christian Mistress album, Possession. This outfit may be from Olympia, Washington, but they recreate that classic British heavy metal sound as if it's coursing through their veins.

There are a few riffs here and there that remind me of Black Sabbath on this album, but most of this LP is spent indulging in the high-speed and high-melody songwriting Iron Maiden is known for--maybe there's a bit of Motorhead-esque attitude thrown in there for good measure, too.

The layers of harmony the guitars bring together on some of these tracks is too good to be true, and the band's singer is pretty captivating as well. Can't wait to hear this album in full. Try out another track from this forthcoming LP here.

Look for the eventual release of Possession on Relapse. Feburary 28th! Mark it.