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BBU- "The Hood" ft. GLC (Prod. Classick) (Loved)

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BBU is an up-and-coming Chicago rap clique, and they've got a new mixtape out via the Mishka Bandcamp, which is building its cred as a hot spot for genre-defying hip hop tapes.

When it comes to breaking barriers, BBU is no slouch. They've got a sharp sense of humor, and seem ready to spit over any beat and take on any topic. They do so much, it almost makes the group's new tape, Bell Hooks, feel schizophrenic. Sometimes they're trying to start a flirty conversation with a girl on a college campus. Other times, they're quoting Rage Against the Machine over a Nirvana sample. They're not afraid to take on the problem of addiction, too.

Some of the flows are sort of off, but BBU makes up for it with loads of personality. Nowhere on this tape is that personality bolder than "the Hood." The track is an obvious answer to an ignorant point of view, but it still needs to be said. Yeah, the world is a big place, and not everyone is going to speak with the same dialect--even if the "language" is supposed to be the same.

The beat ain't bad, too. It's got some nice horn samples, and brings the force a message like this needs. Download this song--and the rest of the Bell Hooks tape--right here.