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Big K.R.I.T.- "Boobie Miles" (Loved)

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A track from the forthcoming Big K.R.I.T. mixtape, 4EvaNaDay. It'll be out Feb. 20th. Also, in the midst of this new mixtape hype, don't forget K.R.I.T. has his major label debut dropping this year, too: Live From the Underground.

To be blunt, "Boobie Miles" has my ears watering for whatever this mixtape has to offer. The smooth soul sample behind K.R.I.T.'s flow is sensual and passionate. When the bass drum finally start hittin' hard, it's just magic. Like usual, the rhymes here deal in tales of making it, trying your hardest, and playing the game. With lyrics like "some people change, it's just a part of life," it's nice to know this dude is still filling his tracks with thoughtful advice as he rises to the top. Can't wait to see where K.R.I.T. ends up.