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Death Grips- "Get Got" (LOVED)

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After putting out one of the more genre-defying hip hp albums of 2011, California's Death Grips is gearing up to drop new new albums this year. For any Death Grips fan, this is a pretty huge announcement, but today, some even bigger news has dropped: The project is now officially signed to Epic Records. Of course, these two new albums will be getting released through that label, and the first one, The Money Store, will be out on April 24th.

The video above contains the latest track to come out from this forthcoming album, "Get Got." In comparison with the earliest material that was hitting ears from this project, this tune is much less abrasive. The beat isn't as harsh, and the rapping is way, uh, quieter.

There's less intensity here, and that may feel like a letdown, but a deeper listen exposes the trademark characteristics most Death Grips songs have. The busy rhythms, trippy effects, and lo-fi production style are all here. The hook is pretty outlandish as well, repeating the words "get" and "got" as if they're getting chopped and looped.

The flow gets pretty fast here, too, and it's almost as if Stefan Burnett is changing his inflection up a bit here, too. There are spots where I'm almost catching a Southern accent, but maybe that's me hearing more change than there actually is.

Still, if this track is any indicator of the other material on this release, Death Grips won't be spending 2012 releasing an Exmilitary clone. I'm bracing myself for something new.