The Needle Drop

One track, 26 Rappers

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26 rappers on one 22-minute track. Sounds insane, and it is, but Mishka curated it like it was nothin'. They tagged it with the title "Hyperbolic Chamber Music," too. The song's got a smooth instrumental that calls out to the g-funk beats the West Coast was pushin' in the 90s--even Kool A.D. spits over the track with a Snoop Dogg-inspired flow.

Download or stream the track above, and check out the MCs in order of appearance hee: MondreM.A.N., Squadda B, TRPLBLK, Chavis Chandler, Kool A.D., Big Baby Gandhi, Key Nyata, Isaiah Toothtaker, Joeybagadoughnutz, Dizzy D, Supa, Snaxx, Left Leberra, Don D, Rod Fuego, 9Gs, Zachg, Lakutis, Fat Tony, Lofty305, Lowercase, Himself the Majestic, Shady Blaze, Keyboard Kid, Antwon, Western Tink, and Chippy Nonstop.