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The Magnetic Fields- Love At The Bottom Of The Sea

New TracksNicholas Kindrachuk1 Comment

Stream: The Magnetic Fields- Love At the Bottom of the Sea The new album from The Magnetic Fields is streaming on NPR Music right now. The concept behind this LP seems to be that of a confused and conflicted love. All the various vocalists sing with their own unique personality about relationships that are just a bit off. In many cases they deal with some serious subject matters in what kind of relationships are socially acceptable. The lyrics and delivery are often witty and make light of the situations they present such as “Andrew In Drag."

Musically this album is very much a nostalgia trip back to the 90s; even if you are not familiar with the bands work from that time. Each song switches genre and style on whim to go along with the different vocalist, which can be jarring. Fortunately all the tracks remain danceable in some form, along with being consistently short. The short length of all the songs is good for an album like this, no song over stays its welcome. With Love At The Bottom Of The Sea, The Magnetic Field continues to deliver smart and interesting pop music.