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OFF!- "King Kong Brigade"

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[audio: king kong brigade.mp3] Unlike most revivalist hardcore groups, the members of LA's punk supergroup OFF! were actually around in the 80s to make the kind of music that they're now emulating. Also unlike many revivalist groups, they don't try to hide it at all. Everything about this band is straight up derived from 1980s hardcore, and they couldn't care one bit what anyone thinks about that. Even the cover to their new self-titled record might as well have actually been drawn in 1981 itself, since it was designed by none other than the legendary hardcore artist Raymond Pettibon.

Off!'s self-titled record is due out May 8th, and will be the followup to their 2010 First Four EPs series. "King Kong Brigade" is the first track to drop from that record, and although it isn't quite as manic, brief, or intense as most of the tracks on those early EPs, it's still distinctly OFF!. Keith Morris' vocals in particular stand out; it's clear that Morris has only gotten more snarly and angry with middle age. Stream the track above, and pick up the OFF! full length when it comes out. Pre-orders have already sold out; tough luck!